Chief Secretary (Mr. Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry)

Chief Secretary (Mr. Nadeem Aslam Chaudhry)

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the Chief Secretary to coordinate the work of all Departments of Government.
  2. The Chief Secretary may call for any case or information from any Department or Attached Department.
  3. The Establishment and Administration Department shall be responsible for:                                                  
    1. The determination of the principles of control of Government servants, including recruitment, conditions of service and discipline;
    2. The coordination of the policy of all Departments with respect to services under their control so as to secure consistency of treatment;
    3. Securing to all Government servants the rights and privileges conferred on them by or under any law for the time being in force.
    4. Determining the strength and the terms and conditions of services of the personal staff of Ministers.
  4.  No Department shall without the concurrence of the Establishment and Administration Department authorize any orders, other than orders in pursuance of any general or special delegation made by the Establishment and Administration Department, which involve:
  5.  Reduction or extension in the scope of functions of a Department or the transfer of such functions from one Department to another.
  6.  Re-organization or change in the status of offices in the Secretariat or Attached Departments;
  7.  Interpretation of rules and orders relating to service matters other than rules and orders issued by the Finance Department; and any change in the terms and conditions of service or the statutory rights and privileges of Government servants.
  8. No order in respect of the emoluments, promotion or conditions of service of any officer employed in the Finance Department shall be passed and no expenditure proposal relating to that Department sanctioned without prior concurrence of the Establishment and Administration Department. The Chief Secretary shall exercise, in respect of such matters, the functions of the Secretary, Finance Department.

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