Establishment Section

Establishment wing of Establishment Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa functions are listed below:

 Service matters of:-

    • all APUG officers (DMG & Secretariat Group),
    • all PCS (EG & SG) officers of BS-18 and above,
    • all PSP officers and Provincial Police Officers of BS-18 and above,
    • all heads of Attached departments and autonomous Bodies,
    • all Judicial officers of BS-18 and above
    • Re-employment of retired officers in BS-18 and above

Matters pertaining to Service rules other than CSS related to various services and posts.

  • Ministerial establishment of the Provincial Secretariat/District Government

 Appointment of :-

    • Secretaries to the Govt of KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA,
    • Heads of Attached Departments and other officers of the Provincial Govt in BS-18 (or equivalent) and above.
    • Officers to post in a Corporation, Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Body or Authority carrying BS-18 and above


  • Periodic review of the organization, staff, functions and procedures of the departments, attached departments and subordinates offices and suggestions for improvement thereof.
  • Matters pertaining to improvement of general efficiency and economic execution of the Government business.
  • Training in Organization and Methods
  • Departmental Examinations.
  • Formation of Cadres and Classification of posts.
  • Instructions for preparation and submission of Annual Performance Evaluation Reports and their safe custody.
  • Declaration of Assets and safe custody of the declarations.
  • Relaxation of age limits Rules.
  • Maintenance of Surplus Pool.
  • Civil Servants Act and Rules made there-under
  • Matters connected with officers of All Pakistan Services and Provincial Services Cadres
  • Human Resource Management of the Government
  • Appointment, posting and transfer
  • Deputation of Civil Servants